TLC at Your School

“The physicians of this country are committed to reversing the startlingly high youth homicide and suicide statistics that exist in the United States; we rank highest among the 26 wealthiest nations. I know you will agree that the answer is prevention through increased public awareness and intervention with youth at risk…Jefferson Parish Medical Society has long been committed to teen suicide prevention through our support of your Teen Life Counts program. We are proud to be associated with such a highly regarded school-based suicide awareness and intervention program that reaches so many teens in our public, private, and parochial schools.”– Executive Director, Jefferson Parish Medical Society

Thank you for your interest in bringing Teen Life Counts to your students! Our 120 minute middle school curriculum is taught over 2 days, while our 160 minute high school curriculum is taught over 2 or 3 days depending on your school’s schedule.

In order to bring TLC to a school, we do require that every two years, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be signed by a designated school representative (superintendent, principal, board president etc). A school mental health professional or other designated contact person must also attend an in-depth training.

The TLC suicide awareness curriculum deals with an emotionally charged topic, and a workable classroom climate is essential if the program is to be effective. Therefore, wherever possible, it is best to follow our guidelines for a classroom environment in which students are comfortable, students are involved, and discipline is not a major problem.

For additional questions, please contact the TLC Program Coordinator.
Melissa Stewart, LMSW
Teen Life Counts Coordinator
(504) 831-8475 x124