Accolades & Stories of Impact

About JFS’s Approach to Lifeline Services

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“Lifeline has made such a difference in the quality of life for my mom. She no longer worries about being alone in the house and we feel more at ease knowing that if something happens, help is just a push of the button away.” – Daughter of Lifeline client, 2007

About Teen Life Counts Program

“Commendations to the staff and volunteers of Teen Life Counts. I applaud you for your hard work and dedication to suicide prevention and our youth.” – Senator Mary Landrieu

“Your program has been of great assistance to me in dealing with the mental health issues of the student population. As a result of the program which you presented here this fall, three students with active suicidal ideation were referred to me by other students. We were able to refer them for appropriate psychiatric assistance and thereby avert tragedy. Also, as a direct result of your program 16 students suffering from various degrees of depression, six of whom had considered suicide, referred themselves to me for intervention…You have helped to save lives here and helped to enable students who might otherwise have become tragic statistics to continue their education so that they may in time contribute a great deal to our larger society.” – Social Worker, Benjamin Franklin High School

“The professionals who facilitate the program are very competent in their areas of expertise. Their willingness to spend time here at Jesuit High School is an immeasurable community service. There is no way to truly measure how many lives are touched by your unconditional positive regard for those in need.” – Director of Guidance, Jesuit High School

“Our teachers and students were made aware of the overt and covert warning signs of suicide and depression. One noticeable change has been the attitude about suicide. In the African American culture, suicide is considered a ‘rich white males’ disease.’ ‘I feel like killing myself’ is a common everyday expression of displeasure and is dismissed without a second thought. Through education, the teachers and students are more cognizant of the signs of suicide and depression, and are taking immediate action to get help…This program has significantly affected attitude, heightened intervention, improved the quality of life, and saved lives.” – Counselor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

“They provided our school with a very professional team of presenters, and the discussions and presentations proved to be very informative, comforting and brought closure to a tragic situation… we felt fortunate to be able to offer it to our students and plan to continue it for many years.”– Cherry Spiers, guidance counselor at Rummel, 2007

About Catch-A-Cab program

“Cabs aren’t just for tourists anymore.” – Mrs. T, 2007