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Clients like Lindsey*, Michael*, Jill*, Paul*, and Thelma* are able to receive high quality, professional guidance from Jewish Family Service.
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*Names were changed in order to protect client privacy

Thelma, 70

Despite her recent fall, she was determined to maintain her independent lifestyle.
Thelma, an elderly woman, was being discharged from the hospital. Despite her recent fall, she was determined to maintain her independent lifestyle. Leslie, her daughter, wanted to respect her wishes, but having witnessed her mother’s declining health, she didn’t feel confident about Thelma receiving timely support in the event of another emergency. She wanted to have a plan in place for her mom to access assistance if she needed immediate help.
After doing some research on senior support systems, Leslie reached out to the JFS Lifeline program. The program manager discussed which plan Thelma’s lifestyle could fit. After a plan was in place, a home installation was scheduled for the next day.
Thelma had previously resisted the idea of a help button, but with the certainty of receiving emergency assistance at the push of a button, she realized that Lifeline would allow to her to remain safe and independent. Lifeline also gave Leslie piece of mind, knowing her mother was safe.

$600 provides one senior Lifeline monitoring services for one year. DONATE

Lindsey, 16
Lindsey put into action what she learned from her TLC training.
Lindsey had recently taken part in the JFS Teen Life Counts (TLC) program. Through this training, she learned how to spot the warning signs of suicidal ideation and depression, as well as how to reach out to a friend you are concerned about.
When her close friend Grace distanced herself socially, emotionally, and withdrew herself from their normal activities, Lindsey reached out to her. She discovered that Grace was seriously considering suicide and had prescription drugs from a relative’s medicine cabinet in her possession.
Lindsey reacted calmly and quickly, by calling both her Mom and Grace’s. She stayed until the adults arrived and helped Grace communicate how she felt to the adults. Grace’s mom was able to get her immediate professional help.

$360 enables 20 students to participate in the life-saving Teen Life Counts (TLC) program. DONATE

Michael, 35
He had been feeling lost, angry, and unsure of what his future would look like.

Michael had unexpectedly lost his fiancée in a tragic accident. He had been feeling lost, angry, and unsure of what his future would look like.
Michael looked into counseling services at JFS and began working with a JFS counselor and a group for those dealing with grief. Working with both his counselor and participating with others in a group, he has been able to process grief and verbalize his progress with others.
Slowly, but steadily, Michael has started to return to his daily routine and engage again with his social life.

Jill, 17
When daily stress became too much, Jill would turn to self-harm as a means of escape.

Jill, a teenager in New Orleans, had been prone to self-harm. Her anxiety increased following the death of her father, someone she was very close with. Overwhelmed with daily stress and her added grief, Jill would hurt herself as a means of escape. Her mother, Eva, was desperately trying to connect with Jill while dealing with the loss of her husband. When Eva saw Jill hurting herself one day, she tried to stop her and confront her about it, but Jill locked herself in her room and refused to speak with her. Eva was at a loss about how to help her daughter.
While looking at the community bulletin board at her synagogue, Eva found a flyer for grief counseling at JFS. Eva had considered counseling for Jill, but after paying for funeral expenses Eva wasn’t sure it was something she could afford. Eva called the Agency and spoke with the intake counselor about her situation. The counselor recommended their upcoming Grief Group for Eva, but thought Jill would benefit from individual counseling. Eva expressed her concerns about the cost of counseling and the group, but felt a sense of relief when she was told that counseling services were based on a sliding-fee scale based on income. Jill began seeing a JFS counselor and after only three weeks, she’s been able to develop better coping skills by focusing on positive aspects of her life. Her counselor also helped her identify ways to deal with her stress and anxiety. Eva was brought to tears on the day that Jill finally began to verbalize her grief at home.

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JFS offers several therapeutic, psychoeducational, social skills, and support groups designed to help individuals and families cope with various life challenges. DONATE

Paul, 78

Paul was facing eviction and desperate for help.
Paul, an elderly Jewish man, lives alone. His chronic health conditions and financial difficulties have prevented him from maintaining his home and life. During a recent visit, the landlord was shocked at the state of disarray in Paul’s unkempt home.
Desperate for help & under threat of eviction, Paul spoke with his Rabbi about his difficult situation. The Rabbi referred Paul to JFS. A JFS Social Worker met with Paul and assessed his needs. The Social Worker found that Paul was a fitting candidate for support from the JFS Financial Resource Center., as well as the JFS Homemaker program.
After being approved for a small grant from the Financial Resource Center, Paul is able to keep up with his monthly expenses including his Homemaker visits. Paul’s Homemaker now helps with the chores he is physically unable to do. His Homemaker also helps him run errands, clean the kitchen and bathroom, as well as conduct routine housekeeping. Paul is happier and healthier now that lives in a clean environment and has peace of mind knowing he’s able to manage his expenses.

$90 pays for one senior to receive two Homemaker service visits per month. DONATE

JFS helps clients like Paul stabilize their lives through Intensive Case Management including financial assistance to cover vital expenses such as rent, medical bills, and utilities. DONATE