Gratitude for Ourselves

By Cortni Randazzo, Client & Donor Services Specialist

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and gratitude. Gathered around the dinner table, people share their gratitude for children, friends, family, and their many blessings.  I am grateful to all of my loved ones for their unconditional love and support, too. This year, however,  I am most thankful for the ability to put myself first.

Throughout much of my life, I supported my  loved ones to the extent of putting their wants and needs before my own.  It was incredibly painful and got worse as I got older. Two years ago, I finally reached out for help and decided to begin seeing a therapist. I put myself first. I was afraid of shame and trauma, but therapy helped me face that pain. It was hard at times, but it is such an important, life-changing experience.

After living on both sides of healing, I know that I never want to live a pre-healed life again. I want to face my fears and my pain, no matter how terrifying. By accepting my truest self, I can give myself the love and support I deserve. This Thanksgiving (and every other day), I am thankful that I faced the things that terrified me and walked through them to the other side. I am thankful for the work I have already done and the work I will continue to do for myself. I want to thank me for showing up for me. It’s been great getting to know who I truly am. What are you grateful for this year?

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