Carly Smith, LCSW

Intern Program Supervisor

Mark Saucier, LPC


Charlotte Dillon

Family Support Specialist

Cortni Randazzo

Client & Donor Services Specialist -ext. 172

Cinthia Sostenes Millan

USCRI Family Support Coordinator

Teri Conrad

Administrative Assistant – ext. 120

Haley Hemenway Sledge

Communications & Events Coordinator - ext. 178

Harrison Wool

Lifeline Field Support Staff - ext. 135

Jan Miller

Lifeline Office Support Staff – ext. 126

Kim Nonenmacher

Senior Services Manager – ext. 166

Lauren Jones

Teen Life Counts Administrative Assistant - ext. 181

Ashleigh Hite, LMSW

TLC Program Manager - ext. 124

Maryury Castaneda, LMSW

Family Support Specialist - ext. 155

Mario Figueroa, BSW

USCRI Regional Supervisor – ext. 160

Michelle Beard, LCSW-BACS, MBA

Director of Clinical Services - ext. 169

Margaret Winston, LPC

Jewish Community Day School Counselor

Roselle M. Ungar, CFRE

Executive Director - ext. 129

David Posternock

Director of Business Service – ext. 131

Stephanie Crowder, LPC, LMFT

Therapist – ext. 133

Fran Dinehart, LCSW

Social Worker & Case Manager – ext. 134