Older Adult Services in New Orleans

As an older adult, are you and your family prepared for your future? Are you struggling to care for aging relatives and don’t know where to turn for resources and information? Set yourself up for success by calling JFS Older Adult Services today. You and your family deserve affordable guidance.

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JFS Older Adult Services

Seniors and their loved ones deserve access to affordable guidance and resources on aging. JFS Older Adult Services are provided on a sliding scale; fees are based on client income. Our team is trained to help seniors and their families identify their current and future needs as well as make plans on how to meet those new and changing needs.

JFS Older Adult Services can help with:

  • Elder Transportation
  • Financial Advice for Seniors
  • Emergency Alert Buttons
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Independent Living
  • Home-based Services
  • Residential Care Options
  • Health Insurance
  • Caregiver Support
elderly support new orleans

Our plans for the future matter to our families and loved ones. JFS Senior Care Planners are trained to facilitate family discussions so that your community is united in a plan for the future. Our experienced staff provides expert guidance and resources. We can help provide general aging support, financial planning, increased safety for seniors, and much more.

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“I didn’t want to become a burden on my daughter, who is busy raising children of her own. I’m so glad that I reached out to JFS Older Adult Services. Now we have a plan in place where I can be a help to my daughter and my beautiful grandchildren!”

-Thomas, 87

“My dad did not have a plan for aging. We ended up having to make so many quick decisions after he fell and broke his hip while home alone. I really needed to be the one to help him through this stage of life, but I was completely unprepared. Once he was settled in rehab, I called JFS Older Adult Services. They helped us sort through the mess and gave my dad control over his life. It was the best decision we made during that difficult time. ”

-Lauren, 46

Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans

Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans is a social service agency serving people of all faiths in the Greater New Orleans area. Our services work to preserve, strengthen, and enhance the well-being and self-sufficiency of our community.  Our programs and services focus on providing accessible and affordable mental health care, case management, teen suicide prevention, and special services for the Jewish community. Our Older Adult Services program offers personalized Older Adult Care Planning and management of a Personal Emergency Alert System.

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