Adoption Home Studies

JFS is pleased to offer adoption home studies, pre-adoption counseling and post-placement studies. The service educates families about the adoption process and the special issues that adoptive families face.

The state of Louisiana requires a home study for any couple or individual who wants to adopt. If a family is planning to adopt internationally, a home study is required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service as well.

A home study consists of 4-6 interviews, one of which is a home visit. An individual interview is held with each member of the adoptive family to obtain biographical information. The main purpose of the home study, however, is to educate families about adoption and the special issues that adoptive families face.

Adoptive parents must deal with such things as explaining adoption to their child, handling their child’s questions about his or her biological parents, and to understand that both heredity and environment work together to create a unique person.

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