Bikur Chaverim

Bikur Chaverim, or “visiting friends,” is a volunteer-based program providing social visits to adults who are homebound or partially homebound. Our mission to help everyone in our community feel valued and respected through every stage of life lies at the heart of Bikur Chaverim. The goal of each visit is to combat isolation, and for both parties to find purpose and meaning by sharing wisdom, enjoyment, and companionship.

Members of the Jewish community who struggle to leave their homes independently or regularly are encouraged to participate in this free program. Community members with some day-time availability are encouraged to volunteer.

This free program typically offers visits on a monthly basis. The length of each visit is up to the participants.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in Bikur Chaverim, please call or email the Program Coordinator, Fran Dinehart, LCSW

(504) 831-8475 ex. 134