The Catch-A-Cab program is designed to supplement the cost of transportation for members of the Jewish community who are 65 years of age or older or are unable to drive due to disability. Participants receive discounted coupons that are used as cash for Ron M’s Cab Service, Metry Cab, White Fleet, United, and Yellow Checker Taxi companies. There is no financial requirement to participate.

Clients use these coupons for transportation to everything from grocery shopping and doctors’ appointments to temple services or even to a friend’s home for a visit. The coupons provide much needed assistance to older adults who are no longer driving their own cars. The coupons can be used along, or in combination with cash to help lower the cost of transportation.

Through the generosity of Mrs. Adele Cahn, the cost for the program is minimal. For $5, Jewish seniors receive a $20 book of taxi coupons, with a limit of 7 coupon books per quarter. The registration process is simple, with one short form to fill out and only one proof of age to submit. The coupons are only valid for Catch-a-Cab subscribers.

Download an application (pdf).

Contact us for more information or call (504) 831-8475.