Support Groups

Personal progress through community catharsis.

Throughout the year, JFS offers support groups designed to help individuals and families manage life’s challenges. Groups are designed to build social or coping skills, provide education, and/or provide catharsis.

Spring 2021: Care for Caregivers

Why participate in group counseling?

Group counseling can have many benefits for its participants, especially those who also participate in private counseling. You do not need to be a client to participate in one of our support groups. Group counseling encourages participants to share their experiences with others, which provides catharsis and builds confidence. The interns who run our support groups design them to meet the needs of diverse people with similar experiences or concerns. Sharing with a group allows members to own their experiences while also understanding the unique struggles of others. Fellow participants shed new light on common fears and difficulties, and offer unique solutions to shared challenges.

When are groups held?

Our groups are generally held on a weeknight as six-week sessions and begin in fall or spring.

What kind of groups does JFS offer?

Some past groups include:

  • a grief support group
  • a COVID-19 support group
  • a group for pre-teen girls
  • a group for adult children who care for their elderly parents

Who can participate in a JFS support group?

Our groups are open to the community. In order to participate, you will need to take an assessment call with a JFS intern therapist. Groups generally cost $50 for the six-week session.

Care for Caregivers

A weekly support group meeting via Zoom on Tuesdays from 5 PM-6:30 PM, March 23rd through April 27th, 2021. Join JFS staff members and other caregivers to discuss coping skills, build community, and find emotional release. This group is for adult children caring for elderly parents/relatives, parents caring for children, and anyone seeking support and guidance for their role as a caregiver. In addition to the 6 sessions, participants will take one in-take call with a JFS staff member before the group starts. $40 for all 6 sessions. To join, call (504) 831-8475, or email