TLC at Your School


Thank you for your interest in bringing
Teen Life Counts to your school!

What we offer:

I. Student Training
TLC is a free suicide prevention education program for grades 7-12.  We offer multiple presentations to participating schools. The school curriculum educates middle and high school students on suicide statistics, warning signs of suicidal ideation and behavior, and ways to seek help when needed.  The middle school program (7th and 8th grades) is a slightly shorter, modified version of the high school program (9th-12th grades).

  • The high school program runs three hours and can be presented over two to three days, depending on the school’s bell schedule.
  • The middle school program runs two hours and is presented over two days, one hour each day.

II. Faculty Training
An important secondary component of the TLC program is training faculty and other trusted adults (Gatekeepers) who are key first responders to teens in crisis.  Gatekeepers help strengthen the safety net for students in school and at home.  This training meets recent state regulation requiring all Louisiana schools (public, private and charter,) to provide in-service suicide prevention training to teachers and school employees (HB 452).

  • The curriculum runs two hours and is presented at the school site.
  • Gatekeepers learn of helpful resources and the steps to take when a student is in crisis.

NOTE: Gatekeeper training is only available to schools also requesting the student program.

To Bring TLC to Your School:

  • The school must complete a registration form and send it to the program coordinator.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be signed every two years by a designated school representative (superintendent, principal, board president etc).
  • A school mental health professional (social worker or counselor) must attend TLC training every two years.

The TLC suicide awareness curriculum deals with an emotionally charged topic, and a workable classroom climate is essential if the program is to be effective. Therefore, wherever possible, it is best to follow our guidelines for a classroom environment in which students are comfortable, students are involved, and discipline is not a major problem.


Melissa Stewart, LMSW
Teen Life Counts Coordinator
(504) 831-8475 x124
Fax: (504) 831-1130

“What’s nice about the TLC program is that it’s based on contemporary research.  It’s in a format that kids are able to digest well. We’ve seen the difference in our kids. We’ll keep having TLC as long as they can keep coming.” Dr. Matthew Wegmann, Phd, LPC, NCC, 10th & 11th Grade Counselor, Holy Cross High School, 2017.